2017 Zonta District 6 Conference
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District 6 Conference overall

First timers orientation

Delegate/Alternate Training

Open Forum

ZI Centennial Anniversary Review

Treasurer's Presentation

ZIF Presentation

Z/Golden Z Club Presentation

Scholarship/Award Recipients

Membership Presentation

Service & Advocacy Presentation

Governor's Presentation

Keynote Address by Veronica Rueckert "Talking While Female"

Workshop:  Veronica Rueckert "Using Your Voice"

Business sessions

Alternative Parallel Workshop Sat AM

Please rate features of the conference and the facility.

Round Table Discussions

Entertainment (Sat)

Memorial Service (Sun)

Period Project


Zonta Store

Denim Day fundraiser


Conference facility

Hotel rooms

Distributed Materials (Delegates information, Conference program, workshop handouts)

Area Meetings.

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Rate your Networking time.

Rate the Registration.

Call to Conference

On-line conference registration

On-site conference registration

Hotel reservations and registration

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